libnetfilter_log  1.0.1


int nflog_snprintf_xml (char *buf, size_t rem, struct nflog_data *tb, int flags)

Detailed Description

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int nflog_snprintf_xml ( char *  buf,
size_t  rem,
struct nflog_data *  tb,
int  flags 

nflog_snprintf_xml - print the logged packet in XML format into a buffer

bufThe buffer that you want to use to print the logged packet
remThe size of the buffer that you have passed
tbNetlink packet data handle passed to callback function
flagsThe flag that tell what to print into the buffer

This function supports the following flags:

 - NFLOG_XML_PREFIX: include the string prefix
 - NFLOG_XML_HW: include the hardware link layer address
 - NFLOG_XML_MARK: include the packet mark
 - NFLOG_XML_DEV: include the device information
 - NFLOG_XML_PHYSDEV: include the physical device information
 - NFLOG_XML_PAYLOAD: include the payload (in hexadecimal)
 - NFLOG_XML_TIME: include the timestamp
 - NFLOG_XML_ALL: include all the logging information (all flags set)

You can combine this flags with an binary OR.

-1 in case of failure, otherwise the length of the string that would have been printed into the buffer (in case that there is enough room in it). See snprintf() return value for more information.

Definition at line 918 of file libnetfilter_log.c.