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9. Contributing

9.1 Contributing a new extension

Netfilter core-team always welcome new extensions/bug-fixes. In this section we will not focus on how to package a new extension to ease its inclusion into patch-o-matic yet. But this might come in a future version of this HOWTO.

First of all, you should be familiar with the Netfilter Hacking HOWTO.

It's a good idea to subscribe to netfilter-devel mailing list. More info on how to subscribe can be found on the netfilter homepage.

9.2 Contributing to this HOWTO

You are mostly welcome to update this HOWTO. To do so, the preferred way is to send a patch of the SGML master of this document to the netfilter-devel mailing list.

You are also welcome to translate this HOWTO into your favorite language, or to update an outdated translation.

Thanks for your help! Thanks to the developers who contributed the netfilter-extensions-HOWTO parts related to their patches.

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