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1. Introduction

Hello. This is a great opportunity for me to thank all the people spending a lot of time developing, testing, reporting bugs of, and using netfilter. So, thanks to you all !!

This HOWTO assumes you have read and understood Rusty's Linux 2.4 Packet Filtering HOWTO. It is assumed as well that you know how to compile and install a kernel properly.

iptables distribution contains extensions that are not used by regular users or that are still quite experimental or finally, that are pending for kernel inclusion. These extensions are usually not compiled, unless you've asked for it.

You should find the latest version of this document on netfilter documentation web page.

The goal of this HOWTO is to help people get started with the netfilter extensions by explaining how you can install them, and how to basically use them.

Finally, there are a few script generated complete lists of patches available in patch-o-matic:

(C) 2001-2004 Fabrice MARIE. Licensed under the GNU GPL.

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